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Culture and Technology

We are 'going virtual' in more and more areas of our lives—from shopping to education, filing systems to love affairs. How can we assess the relationship between technology and culture when culture is so imbued with technology? Murphie and Potts' text presents a concise guide through this complex and slippery terrain. Introducing a wealth of theoretical perspectives in a lucid and engaging style and covering a range of topical, challenging and intriguing examples—from cyborgs to digital art—it will be an essential text for everyone wanting to make sense of crucial forces of change on contemporary culture.

"Culture and Technology should be very much at home on the required reading lists of courses in philosophy, cultural studies, media studies, sociology, new media and political economy. Potts' and Murphie's prose is clear and user-friendly, as all good code should be. As such, it should also provide the general reader with an accessible and intelligent introduction to these fields as they relate to culture and technology...Andrew Murphie and John Potts’ Culture and Technology comes as a timely incursion into this somewhat fluid and ephemeral field. Primarily a survey of key issues relating to culture and technology, this book operates as a kind of pause in the flow of information about information and new technologies, reminding us that much in the past is illuminating in relation to the present and the future." Lisa Gye, Real Time Arts

"...I know of no other book that covers this massively important field (more of a country than a field) so thoroughly and clearly.' - Maurice B. Line, Journal of Documentation 'A wonderful text including philosophical, theoretical and practical approaches to the general concerns of the symbiotic relationship of culture and technology." Tim Detwiler, Resource Center for Cyberculture Studies

"Culture and Technology appeals to both undergraduate and postgraduate students. A sophisticated text." Darren Tofts, The Electronic Book Review



Palgrave MacMillan

Published date

May, 2003