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Transdisciplinary Art Research Conference Series

Transdisciplinary Art Research Conference Series

The Transdisciplinary Arts Research group is dedicated to inspiring an ongoing discourse on the future of Art post media art. Transdisciplinary arts research has established a conference series, education forums, international curriculum workshops and transdisciplinary publications.

Transdisciplinary Art Research Conference Series

The first Transdisciplinary Imaging Conference examined New Imaging: Transdisciplinary Strategies for Art Beyond the New Media, focused on the profound shift occurring in our understanding of postmodern media culture. Since the turn of the millennium, the emphasis on mediation (as technology and as opportunity for creative initiatives and for critique), has become increasingly normative and doctrinaire. The second conference looked at ‘Interference strategies for art’ today as we’re saturated with images from all disciplines. Whether it’s the creation of ‘beautiful visualisations’ for science, the torrent of images uploaded to social media services like Flickr, or the billions of queries made to vast visual data archives such as Google Images, these machinic interpretations of the visual and sensorial experience of the world are producing a new spectacle of media pollution. Machines are in many ways the new artists.

The Third Transdisciplinary Imaging Conference sought papers that explored the theme of the cloud and molecular aesthetics. Clouding occurs when information becomes veiled, foggy, fuzzy, obscure or secretive, or when it condenses, blooms and accretes into atmospheres of chaotic turbulence and pressure vectors, into tidal flows and storms. The cloud also is a new formation of data as a global and seemingly immaterial distribution of storage and means of retrieval. This data cloud exists everywhere and yet is nowhere in particular. As with the protocols of bit torrent files, the cloud provides a new concept of sound and image “assembly”, distinct from and beyond the materialist machinic diagrams and the practices of re-mixing or remediation that became characteristic of late twentieth-century and millennial aesthetics. The cloud is not an object but an experience and its particles are the very building blocks of a molecular aesthetic in which we live and act.


Transdisciplinary Strategies for Fine Art and Science

Column 7: NEW IMAGING Transdisciplinary strategies for art beyond the new media

Transdisciplinary Art Research Education

Transdisciplinary Art Research education workshops and symposiums with various organizations including the Leonardo Education and Arts Forum to explore new paradigms of teaching in relationship to questions being asked by science and technology.

Emerging technologies, social networking and a multi-layered world view call for a working model of transdisciplinary education in new curriculum for creative arts, design, and media education.  To address C21st challenges, fine art must explore transdisciplinary learning, teaching and assessment strategies synthesizing This project explores new knowledge creation situated across the transdisciplinary ‘art’/’science’/’technology’ divide and challenges traditional educational paradigms of segregated disciplinarity, increasingly subject to critical and creative contestation around ‘wicked problems’ involving ‘chance’, ‘discontinuity’ and ‘materiality’ (Foucault, 1976). The Project enables stakeholder (re)visioning of the role, activity and value of Art and Design Schools working at the intersection of Art, Science and Technology in a university context, disseminating case studies in new and innovative curriculum design and documentation to national and international Higher Education communities.

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