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plasma_flow is a large-scale, interactive projection that combines immersive surround sound and infrared sensors to create the experience of swimming through a cloud of highly charged particles. The installation emulates a fluid-particle system accessible for real-time interaction via a series of infrared light sensitive cameras that capture input from participants as they traverse the space. The trajectories and movements of visitors are projected as a swirling storm of particles and dyed fluids. The work was shown in 2012 as part of Vivid Sydney, an annual, citywide light art and music festival. 

This project, commissioned by Vivid Sydney 2012, was developed in collaboration with Mehmet (Memo) Akten and Derek Holzer. 

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Government Commission


Brad Miller
Ian McArthur
Adam Hinshaw
Ian Andrews 
Mehmet (Memo) Akten
Derek Holzer

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