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Brad Miller, data_shadow (2009-2011).
Brad Miller, data_shadow (2009-2011).
Brad Miller, data_shadow (2009-2011).


data_shadow is an interactive video installation assembled through the same development system (Interactive Media Platform) as Miller’s earlier installation, augment_me (2009). This more recent iteration engages the concept of the ‘data shadow’; a colloquial term for the body of residual datum we leave in our wake as we migrate through digital territory. Miller’s installation is realised as a continuum of data; photographs and fragments of time extracted from Miller’s life circulate in data_shadow via a digital stream. Life as a process; as narrative - is analogized in the installation as a series of traces and moments; components which are constantly shifting in position relative to each other through the feed.

data_shadow responds to the presence of its audience. Spectators implicitly disrupt and rearrange the audiovisual landscape of the work – interpreted by the IMP system at the heart of data_shadow as prompts to alter the projection of images and audio. This means that like Heraclitus’ river, data_shadow is never really “stream” that it was a moment ago.    

“We are seeing his life through the eyes of an invisible protagonist. Or are we seeing his life flash before his eyes? Is this how it will be at the moment of death? The ordinariness of our existence spread before us… The ultimate promise is that the flow of data may restore the flow of life when it is temporarily halted. Biological death becomes a small death, data becomes the through-line that joins old subject to new.” -Lizzie Muller, Column 5, 2009.

The work was exhibited at the Underbelly Arts Festival, Cockatoo Island, Sydney, in 2011. 

The technology employed in this work was developed with funding from a COFA Faculty Research Grant and the Australia Council.

Project date

2009 to 2011


Brad Miller
Adam Hinshaw
Ian Andrew

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