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Senior Lecturer, College of Fine Arts, UNSW
Online Undergraduate Coordinator, COFA

Ian McArthur is a hybrid practitioner working in the domains of experimental and speculative multidisciplinary practice, transcultural collaboration, metadesign and education change.

Improvisation Technologies, A Tool for the Analytical Dance Eye

Improvisation Technologies A Tool for the Analytical Dance Eye was developed by Volker Kuchelmeister in collaboration with American born choreographer William Forsythe as a "digital dance school" in the form of an interactive computer installation.
Indigenous culture researcher Brenda L Croft; artist and robotics researcher Associate Professor Mari Velonaki; and media theorist Professor Douglas Kahn
Sonic Wells consists of a series of 'wells' which function as portals of communication between cities.
20 August 2014 to 22 August 2014
A free, 3 day program of panel-talks, workshops and presentations highlighting real world applications and impacts of design methods in research contexts
Current appointment(s):

Senior Lecturer, College of Fine Arts, UNSW
Research Fellow, iCinema Centre for Interactive Cinema Research

Volker Kuchelmeister is a media artist, researcher and digital media specialist. He is expert in place representation and has worked extensively with cinematography, interactive systems, immersive visualisation and mediation in the performing arts while exploring and exploding the boundaries of the cinematic image. He was a founding member of several media-based research labs (ZKM Karlsruhe, UNSW iCinema Centre) and his art projects are exhibited internationally.