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 In Materializing New Media, Associate Professor Anna Munster offers an alternative aesthetic genealogy for digital culture.
Examining art that intersects with science and seeks to make visible what cannot ordinarily be seen with the naked eye, provides thorough insight into new understandings of materiality and life.
A comparative study of spatial understanding through Filippo Brunelleschi's peephole perspective device and the virtual reality work of artist Char Davies.

Douglas Kahn, Larry Austin & Nilendra Gurusinghe (coeditors)

A reissue of seminal, pathbreaking experimental music and arts journal, 'Source'

Dr Gillian Fuller & David Bissell

This collection of essays edited by Gillian Fuller and David Bissell focuses on the conceptual, political and philosophical importance of stillness and its position within a world that has increasingly come to be understood through the theoretical and conceptual lens of movement.