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Dr. Petra Gemeinboeck

Dr. Petra Gemeinboeck


Dr Petra Gemeinboeck's installation practice explores the materiality of the digital, its embodiment, agency and performativity. She is interested in the audiences’ aesthetic experience as they become bodily involved, or even implicated. Her research crosses the fields of architecture, interactive installation, mobile media, robotics, and visual culture. Currently, Gemeinboeck collaborates with the artificial intelligence researcher, Rob Saunders, to develop a robotic sculptural practice that explores the anatomical trauma of a machine-augmented environment and its performative potential. She is also a founding member of the international artist group In Serial, which works with messy assemblages of choreographed robots and chemical materials.

Previously, Gemeinboeck developed interactive installations and locative media works that implicated participants in the production of hybrid spaces, problematising the paradoxical ground common to both intervention and surveillance. Her immersive virtual spaces challenge dominant notions of control, knowledge and representation by placing participants inside responsive performative realities. Gemeinboeck has been artist in residence at Artspace Sydney, University of Applied Arts Vienna, Sony Computer Science Laboratories Paris, and Fraunhofer Institute Stuttgart, and has been a participant in the European Mobile Lab for Interactive Media Artists. Her works have been exhibited internationally at venues including Archilab (FR), Ars Electronica (AT), Centre des Arts d'Enghien-les-Bains Paris (FR), Gallery Fabrica (UK), ICC Tokyo (JP), MCA Chicago (USA), OK Center for Contemporary Art (AT), and the Thessaloniki Biennale (GR).



Current appointment(s)

Director of Postgraduate Research, College of Fine Arts, UNSW
Deputy Director, Creative Robotics Laboratory, COFA, UNSW
Senior Lecturer, College of Fine Arts, UNSW