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Dr. Julie-Louise Bacon

Dr. Julie-Louise Bacon


Dr. Julie Louise Bacon is an artist, curator and writer. Her research focuses on contemporary shifts in the way that time is experienced and understood as the relationship between cultures and technologies changes, and scientific theories about matter and worlds evolve.

In 2018 she initiated The Habitat of Time, an arts-led international research project that creates a series of shared collaborative and public spaces in which to explore connections between disciplinary, social and embodied perspectives on time. The curatorial project involves researchers in the arts, humanities and sciences in an iterative process of workshops, seminars, exhibitions and publications from 2018-2021. In 2019, the project has formed collaborations with Arts Catalyst in London and OzGrav at the University of Western Australia in Perth, adding to initiatives with the Foundation for Art and Creative Technology in Liverpool UK, and Sydney’s Casula Powerhouse and Artspace.

Julie Louise has held research posts at the University of Kent (Lecturer, 2012-14), Interface: Centre for Research in Art, Design and Technologies (Research Associate, 2005-08), and La Chambre Blanche (Associate Curator, 2010-2012). In these roles, she designed and delivered large-scale, international arts projects that investigated the layered time of archives, historical sites and media. Töne: A Meeting of Sound and Light (2014) featured 20 commissions at seven arts and heritage locations in Chatham, England, supported by Arts Council England: South East and The University of Kent. The four day international conference Signal (2012) surveyed the past, present and future of creative practices that employ network technologies, supported by curatorial awards from the Quebec and Canada Arts Councils. The five-part conference and exhibition series Per-forming the Archive (2006-2007) and the anthology Arkive City (2008) investigated the role of archives in contemporary society and attracted a major AHRC research award.

Julie Louise has undertaken a wide range of consultancies on cultural regeneration and placemaking projects. While Artistic Director of Embassy for Water, she was a Creative Producer (2012-15) on Leeuwarden-Friesland’s successful European Capital of Culture 2018 bid-book and jury presentation. She has served on juries and advisory boards for Arts Councils, and held executive and directorship roles in art centres, in England, Northern Ireland and Québec. Following her practice-based doctoral survey (Ulster University, 2006) of the role of installation and performance practices in archives and museum curation, she has published widely on contemporary art and cultural theory. Currently, she is editing the anthology Arkive City 2.0: Tracing Time in the Network Ages (2020).