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Dr. Julie-Louise Bacon

Dr. Julie-Louise Bacon


As an artist, curator and writer, Dr Julie-Louise Bacon is interested in the experience of collectivity and individuality in the contemporary era. How do the forces and forms of technology, time, myth, archives, memory and the (im)material world shape the experiences of ‘I’ and ‘we’? To explore these questions, my research operates between philosophy and visual art, narrative and the perceptual, performance and politics.

Currently she is Artistic Director of Embassy for Water, developed in collaboration with Director James Geurts in 2012 as the first Embassy for a shared global entity, beyond the nation-state. This ongoing conceptual art project has resulted in exhibitions, discussion events, and residency projects in the Middle East, Australia and Europe. Embassy formed a core part of Leeuwarden’s successful bid to be named European Capital of Culture 2018.  In 2014, Dr Bacon was Artistic Director of the international sonic and visuals arts festival Töne, featuring 30 commissions that offered new encounters with heritage locations in the maritime area of Chatham in Kent, England: from a Roman fort to a naval dockyard.

She has  been invited to present her performance, installation, mixed-media and land art projects in galleries, biennials, and non-traditional arts spaces around the world. The series Alchemical Dialogues, involving solar light and sculptural installation, is a key area of her ongoing artistic research. She has edited 3 anthologies on contemporary art and cultural theory In Place of Passing, Footnotes, and Arkive City, and is currently writing an essay collection entitled Contemporary Mythologies for publication in 2016.