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Dr. Josh Wodak

Dr. Josh Wodak


Dr Josh Wodak is a transdisciplinary researcher and artist whose work transforms climate science into visceral and embodied experiences of climate change, by metaphorically mapping audiovisual representations of change onto human and non-human landscapes.

Formally trained in Visual Anthropology (University of Sydney) and Interdisciplinary Cross-Cultural Research (Australian National University), his work has been presented as performances, screenings, installations and exhibitions in art galleries, museums, theatres, performative spaces, cinemas, and festivals across Australia and internationally.

His research, titled Good [Barrier] Grief (2011-present), uses photomedia, video art, sound art, sculpture and interactive installations to explore environmental ethics & the moral quagmire of synthetic biology and geoengineering in the context of the biophysical and civilisational challenges under the advent of the Anthropocene.

In 2014 he convened the symposium The Anthropocene: Artists and Writers in Critical Dialogue with Nature and Ecosystems at the Humanities Research Centre, Australian National University, and co-convened the UNSW symposium Fighting Fire with Fire - Climate Modification and Ethics in the Anthropocene. In 2015 he is co-convening the NIEA Energies and the Arts conference with Prof Douglas Kahn, NIEA, and Dr. Anna Davis, Museum of Contemporary Art, Australia.

Prior to joining NIEA in 2014, Dr Wodak held research positions at the Australian National University, the University of Sydney and the University of Western Sydney.