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Dr. Gillian Fuller

Dr. Gillian Fuller


Dr Gillian Fuller is a digital media specialist whose research focuses on the impact of digital cultures on the interaction and aesthetics of bodies, matter and data in space. She also has a background in information and communication design in cultural institutions.

Over the past decade, Fuller has worked on many collaborative projects with artists, technical researchers and digital communication specialists. Her work on aeromobility and her pioneering study of airports with Ross Harley, Aviopolis: A Book about Airports (Black Dog Publishing, 2005), have become staples of mobility studies courses internationally. Fuller is also the co-editor of Stillness in a Mobile World (Routledge, 2010): a collaboration between media theorists, human geographers, education theorists and artists.

As Research Director of Design & Art Australia Online (DAAO), Fuller managed the implementation of an Australian Research Council funded transformation of the Dictionary of Australian Artists Online into DAAO.

Current appointment(s)

Research Director, Design and Art Australia Online