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Dr. Gail Kenning

Dr. Gail Kenning


Gail Kenning is an Interdisciplinary Research Fellow, Ageing Futures Institute and with fEEL - feltExperience & Empathy Lab based at the UNSW School of Art & Design. Her work is located at the intersection of art, design, and creativity and how these can contribute to health and wellbeing, with a particular focus on ageing and dementia. Her research and practice explore creativity and health from two perspectives: 

  1. How creativity can support and facilitate health and wellbeing (e.g., contributing to social engagement, connection, mental health, etc.); and 

  1. How creative approaches can be applied in the collection of data to better understand the concerns, needs, and embodied lived experience of elderly people in relation to physical and mental health and social engagement/disengagement and connection/disconnection. Creative approaches can include Visual Matrix participatory creative workshops and deliberative discussion, storytelling, and creative making. 

Her work includes an art and design practice (BA Hons, MA, PhD) where she has exhibited nationally and internationally,  academic research (60+ books, book chapters, articles), industry (quant and qual research and software development) and community engagement (with councils, galleries, arts health organisations, and government). She is secretary of the Arts Health Network NSW and ACT (AHNNA) and has affiliations with Neura UNSW, Cardiff Metropolitan University, Eindhoven University and University of Technology Sydney. 


Current appointment(s)

Interdisciplinary Research Fellow, Ageing Futures Institute and fEEL Lab- feltExperience and Empathy Lab