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Brenda L Croft

Brenda L Croft


Brenda L Croft is from the Gurindji/Malngin/Mudpurra peoples in the Northern Territory on her paternal side, and Anglo-Australian/German/Irish heritage on her maternal side. She has been involved in the arts and cultural sectors for three decades as an artist, arts administrator, curator, academic and consultant.

Since March 2012, Brenda has been a Senior Research Fellow with the National Institute for Experimental Arts, College of Fine Arts, University of New South Wales. In 2011, Brenda was awarded an Australian Research Council Discovery Indigenous Award 2012 and is currently undertaking her PhD. Titled Still in my mind: Gurindji experience, location and visuality draws inspiration from the words of revered Gurindji elder and kadijeri (senior law man), Vincent Lingiari, ‘that land... I still got it on my mind’, a profound statement reiterating his deep commitment to his Gurindji/Malgnin peoples and their customary homelands on Wave Hill in the Northern Territory. On 23 August 1966, alongside his compatriots, Lingiari led the ‘Gurindji Walkoff’ commencing an 8 year-long strike by Aboriginal stockmen and their families working at Wave Hill Station, owned by British Pastoral Company Vestey’s. A retelling of this story from an Indigenous perspective forms the basis of this project, Croft is a direct descendant of these senior Gurindji/Malgnin elders and these familial relationships underline the significance of this project in ensuring that living family members maintain Indigenous cultural practices of obligation and responsibility for transmitting knowledge through kinship connections.

This project will develop an innovative account of specific Gurindji experience through the production of experimental audio-visual, ethnographic and archival research. The project will evolve a new framework for cultural research and education by intimately involving community members in its production and dissemination.


Current appointment(s)

Senior Research Fellow, NIEA