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Associate Professor Andrew Murphie

Associate Professor Andrew Murphie


Associate Professor Andrew Murphie’s research examines the productive nature of differential intensity across a range of fields and practices in media, science and technology, the arts and philosophy. He works on transformation, crisis and possibility filtered through generative process, dynamic modeling of all types, and new forms of cooperation in politics/social organization. Murphie's works also draw on electronic arts and design (e.g. cross signal processing), poststructuralism (Deleuze and Guattari), process philosophy (Whitehead), ‘speculative pragmatics’ (Massumi/Manning), and extended and dynamicist theories of mind.

Murphie is co-author of Culture and Technology (Palgrave, 2003), and is currently writing two books: Differential Media, Differential Life: the past and future of social organization—that rethinks the ‘world as medium’, and On Not Performing: Technology and Intensity—that questions the performative in its managerial mode while diagramming positive alternatives found in the relations between media, thinking and feeling. 

He was the founding editor of the peer-reviewed, open-access Fibreculture Journal and continues as an editor. He is the editor of the Open Humanities Press’ Fibreculture book series. He is a member of an international research collaboration team funded by a Canadian SSHRC grant 2013-2020: Immediations: Art, Media and Event. 

He regularly supervises postgraduate research in media ecology, digital and networked media, affect and ethics in organisations, media and philosophy, performance, interactive art and datamapping.

Current appointment(s)

Editor, The Fibreculture Journal
Associate Professor, School of Arts and Media (SAM), UNSW

Research areas