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John McGhee on ABC Catalyst and @ the inaugural TEDxUNSW event

Fantastic Voyage: ABC Catalyst
Episode featuring the arts-medical visualisation research of Dr John McGhee.

John McGhee on ABC Catalyst and @ the inaugural TEDxUNSW event

Dr John McGhee and his 3D VR research in medical visualisation was recently featured on ABC's Catalyst program. Fantastic Voyage examines how Dr McGhee's art-science collaboration with cell biologists, material scientists and doctors has enabled scientists and patients to embark on an immersive 3D journey inside the human body for an interactive experience designed to help foster research and education. It explains the steps taken to build a 3D model, animating it, all based on data sets, which are visualised as landscapes, shapes and colours. The VR experience on the Oculus Rift platform takes the viewer/participant into cells and blood vessels of the human body visualised in a great level of detail. Its applications include educating stroke victims by illustrating how the formation of the clot, and research into drug treatments by visualising how particles enter a cell.

The video of this Catalyst episode Fantastic Voyage can be viewed above or downloaded from this link

Dr McGhee was also one of the speakers at the inaugural TEDxUNSW Event Human Spectrum. His talk focused on boundary pushing medical imaging research, adapting gaming technology to take patients on virtual tours through their bodies to see their medical conditions in 3D. 



23 Aug 2016


Dr John McGhee 

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