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Experimental Arts: Studies in Material Thinking SMT Volume 8

Experimental Arts: Studies in Material Thinking SMT Volume 8

The National Institute for Experimental Arts (NIEA) has partnered with Studies in Material Thinking (SMT) to produce a special issue of the SMT journal based on NIEA's 2011 Experimental Arts Conference.
SMT Volume 08
Experimental Arts

The term "Experimental Arts" designates a field of research and practice characterised by innovative transdisciplinary thinking, boundary crossing and collaborative investigation. This issue of SMT profiles a range of creative projects in this field, along with analysis of experimental arts as a site of discovery, generating insights and practical strategies in relation to current technological, social and environmental issues. Edited by Jill Bennett, Ross Harley, Douglas Kahn and Paul Thomas of the National Institute for Experimental Arts, College of Fine Arts, University of New South Wales in association with Nancy de Freitas, School of Art and Design, AUT University, Auckland.
Papers included in Volume 08

Editorial: What Is Experimental Art?
Jill Bennett
Experimentality: Theories And Practices Opening remarks to NIEA Experimental Arts Conference, University of New South Wales, August 17-19, 2011
Terry Smith
The Military-Arts Nexus: Two cases in the United States, c. 1970
Douglas Kahn
The Science of Our Own Fiction: Affective Experiments Enacted Through Creative Research
Jondi Keane

Holographic Materiality
Paula Dawson
Therapeutic Art Practice: How experimental art practice can radically inform the development of our therapeutic technologies
Leah Heiss
Ecolated: Art, Science And Environment
Nigel Helyer and John Potts
Denatured Contingency: The New Engine of Sustainability
Richard Goodwin
BlingCrete: Materials Development as Transdisciplinary Research Process
Heike Klussman And Thorsten Klooster
Smoke and Mirrors: Beyond a Naturalistic Explanation of Experimentation in Art Education
Kerry Thomas And Karen Profilio
A Politics Of Proximity: Tjanpi And Other Experimental Western Desert Art

Jennifer Biddle
Multi-Objective Evaluation of Cross-Disciplinary Experimental Research
Mari Velonaki
Experimental Art
Donald Brook