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Creative Robotics Lab (CRL) Launch

Featured in the UNSW Newsroom, the successful launch of the Creative Robotics Lab (CRL) at UNSW's College of Fine Arts has created much interest around the topic of robotics with help from a visiting Japanese android, "Geminoid F".

The launch provided the first Australian opportunity for guests to interact with the life-like Japanese android robot created by Professor Yoshio Matsumoto (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Japan). The 165cm female robot blinks, responds to eye contact and recognises body language.

Officially launched by NSW Chief Scientist and Engineer, Professor Mary O'Kane, the Creative Robotics Lab (CRL) is the first cross-disciplinary laboratory in Australasia focusing on experimental human-robot interaction and will work in conjuction with UNSW’s School of Computer Science and Engineering, the Australian Centre for Field Robotics, University of Sydney, Stanford University and Tokyo University. In opening the CRL, Professor Mary O'Kane said that the development robotics for everyday social contexts is "urgent & necessary as we are an aging society; a society that is increasingly dependent on services & service industries are becoming expensive...Our Japanese colleagues have been leading the way on how robots can play a pivotal in aged care." O'Kane notes the importance of interdisciplinary approaches to the development of robotics for a variety of applications, and highlighted the role of creative arts in forwarding technologies with broad scientific and societal applications, stating that "the dimension of Fine Arts has been largely missing in [the field of social robotics]. This is where the work of Mari Velonaki shines; building opportunities for not just studying how humans respond to robots but how humans respond to robots who respond to them."

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11 Sep 2013

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