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UNFILED: Daniel Press & Michael Richardson

‘Leaking’ experiment using Queen Victoria bust from the Town Hall in...

UNFILED: Daniel Press & Michael Richardson

Event dates

Friday, 9 April, 2021


9 April 2021 - 3:00pm

Event times

Friday April 9, 3-5 pm

Research areas


Daniel Press, PhD candidate Art & Design, “the 'Crown Colony' and the 'Copy': colonial monuments, Badiou's 'event', digital heritage, and materialising 'hauntings'”

Michael Richardson, Senior Research Fellow, School of the Arts & Media, “Witnessing Algorithms”

Location: UNSW Paddington, F Block, 4th floor



UNFILED is a work-in-progress salon where a postgraduate or postdoctoral researcher and a staff member bring problems in their research - conceptual and/or practical - to be discussed and worked on in a collective and collegial setting. The speakers will discuss these issues in their research for around 25 minutes each and then we open the ’screen’ to questions and debate.

There will be some light snacks and drinks provided.

UNFILED is brought to you by Lindsay Kelley and Anna Munster


UNSW Paddington, F Block, 4th floor and Zoom: 


Daniel Press, Michael Richardson, Lindsay Kelley, Anna Munster