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Event dates

Friday, 26 June, 2020


26 June 2020 - 3:00pm

Event times

Friday's 3-5pm

Research areas

UNFILED returns on Zoom next Friday, June 26 3-5pm: 

(This is a recurring link and will be the same link for every UNFILED on Friday 10 and 24 July, 7 and 21 August)

To kick things off, we are going with a postdoctoral fellow and a staff member on the theme of AI, art, images and (problems of) recognition:

Kynan Tan (Postdoctoral Fellow, Art and Design): Images, Processes, Relations and Machine Learning in Two Projects: “Computer Learns Automation” and “Re-Imaging the Empirical”

Anna Munster (Professor, Art and Design): The problem of (facial) recognition: machine learning, racism and its statistical genealogies.

UNFILED, for those who don’t know, is a work-in-progress salon where a postgraduate or postdoctoral researcher and a staff member bring problems in their research - conceptual and/or practical - to be discussed and worked on in a collective and collegial setting. The speakers will discuss these issues in their research for around 25 minutes each and then we open the ’screen’ to questions and debate.

In the past, we have also provided lovely snacks and drinks, so in that spirit can everyone please bring something along to their Zoom square and we will have an intellectual, artistic and convivial Friday afternoon.

UNFILED is brought to you by Michele Barker, Lindsay Kelley and Anna Munster


UNFILED returns on Zoom


Michele Barker, Anna Munster, Lindsay Kelley, Kynan Tan