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Symposium & Workshops: Feral Experimental

Benedikt Groß, 'Avena+ Test Bed' (2013)
Photograph: Florian Vögtle/Stefan Eigner (Photographer); Hermann Benkler (Pilot). Image courtesy the artist

Symposium & Workshops: Feral Experimental

Event dates

Wednesday, 20 August, 2014 to Friday, 22 August, 2014

Feral Experimental brings together leading international practitioners and researchers and aims to test the limits of possibility by exploring the boundaries and intersections of design thinking, speculative design, participatory and co-design, and exploratory experimentation. The symposium and workshops will highlight real world applications and the impact of design methods that are currently being developed in universities and research centres. 

Free entry, registration essential

18 July - 30 August 2014,
UNSW Galleries

18 July: Exhibition opening: 
UNSW Galleries

24 July: Public lecture - Recent Studio Research with Dr William Gaver (Goldsmiths), 6pm, EGO2 Lecture Theatre, UNSW Art & Design 

5 August: Public lecture - Curator's Talk with Dr. Katherine Moline and Emotiv Presentation with Dr. Geoff Mackellar -Emotiv EPOC and Insight - Design Meets Brain Science: 6pm, EGO2 Lecture Theatre, UNSW Art & Design

SYMPOSIUM DAY 1, Wednesday 20 August

  • 9:30-10.00 Experimental Design Thinking: UNSW Galleries, Basement Foyer
    • Ross Harley, Jill Bennett, Katherine Moline (UNSW Art & Design, NIEA)
  • 10.00-11.30 Experimental Design ThinkingUNSW Galleries, Basement Foyer
    • Cameron Tonkinwise (Design, CMU) De-novation: a compositionist critique
    • Abby Mellick Lopes (SoHCA, UWS) Transitions, social practices and design: notes from a transdisciplinary research project
    • Yoko Akama (Media and Communication, RMIT) Questioning and Becoming with One Another – through Designing​
  • 11.30-1.30 Workshops
  • 1.30-2.30 Lunch
  • 2.30-4.00 Experimental Design CombinesUNSW Galleries, Basement Foyer
    • Katherine Moline (UNSW Art & Design - NIEA) Experimental Design Research: Participatory and Speculative Design
    • Astrid Lorange (UNSW Art & Design - NIEA) Soft Forms against Compulsory Flows: A Philosophy of Design

    • Jared Donovan (Creative Industries Faculty, QUT) & Laurens Boer, (Mads Clausen Institute, SDU) Indoor Climate Provotypes: Who provokes and who do they provoke?​ 
  • 4.00-6.00 Workshops ​
    • Lindsay Kelley (UNSW Art & Design - NIEA) Dysphagiac: F Block 4th Floor Postgraduate Lounge
    • Geoff MacKellar (Emotiv) Emotiv Demonstration: Basement Gallery
  • 6.30-8.30 Design Week Launch Event
    • Paul D. Miller/DJ Spooky Performance: UNSW Galleries, Basement Gallery
      (RSVP essential by 18 August - email

SYMPOSIUM DAY 2, Thursday 21 August

  • 10.00-11.30 Experimental Design and Environmental Sustainability: UNSW Galleries, Basement Foyer
    • Mike Michael (USyd) Speculative Design as Method: The Idiocy of Everyday Life
    • Laura Fisher and Volker Kuchelmeister (UNSW Art & Design - NIEA) Veloscape: Mapping Cycling Emotions in Sydney 
    • Tega Brain (School of Poetic Computation, NY) The Phenology Clock: Other Perspectives on Time
  • 11.30-2.30 Workshops
    • 11.30-2.30 Laura Fisher (UNSW Art & Design - NIEA) Veloscape: Exploring Sensory Cartographies with Sydney Cyclists: D204 To register, please contact
    • 12.00-2.00 Tega Brain (School of Poetic Computation, NY) Phenology Clocks: D104
  • 1.30-2.30 Lunch
  • 2.30-4.00 Experimental Interaction DesignUNSW Galleries, Basement Foyer
    • Laurene Vaughan (Media and Communication, RMIT) Living Archives and Participatory Interaction
    • Matthias Haeusler (FBE, UNSW) Interchanging - Future Scenarios for Responsive Transport Infrastructure Design
    • Jeffrey Tzu Kwan Valino Koh (UNSW Art & Design) A Young Replicant’s Illustrated Primer for Robot-Human Collaboration
  • 4.00-6.00 Workshop

SYMPOSIUM DAY 3, Friday 22 August

  • 10.00-1.00 Public Workshops
    • 10.00-12.00 John McGhee (UNSW Art & Design - NIEA), What is the Role of the Designer in Working with Scientific Data?: UNSW Galleries, Basement Foyer
    • 10.00-1.00 Laura Fisher (UNSW Art & Design - NIEA), Veloscape: Exploring Sensory Cartographies with Sydney Cyclists: D103
      To register, please contact
  • 1.00-2.00 Lunch
  • 2.00-4.00 UNSW Art & Design PhD workshop with Cameron Tonkinwise, Laurene Vaughan and Katherine Moline F402 
  • 2.00-4.00 Public Workshops


Full program available from 30 June 2014. For further information contact