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Senselab: a postgraduate workshop with visiting artist Ramona Benveniste

Senselab: a postgraduate workshop with visiting artist Ramona Benveniste

Event dates

Tuesday, 2 December, 2014

Event times

Tuesday: 11:00am-1:00pm

Research areas

2 December 2014 11:00am-1:00pm
Level 4,Postgraduate Lounge
Open to all UNSW Art and Design Postgraduate Students Entering into emergent collectivities

For further information about this event, including access to the text Thought in the Act, contact: Lone Bertelsen, Immediations postdoctoral fellow at NIEA,

How to start with what's already there – us, the participants-environment. Welcome to a SenseLab activation.

This workshop focuses on improvisation to activate ecologies of attention: with our bodies, the existing environment, architectural forces and even the weather, to foreground a thinking-feeling-making event. As a network of artists and academics, writers, and makers, from a wide diversity of fields, we are working together at the crossroads of philosophy, art, and activism. The SenseLab's event-based projects are collectively self-organizing. Our aim is to experiment with creative techniques for thought in the act. The SenseLab's product is its process, one we have been experimenting with through a series of workshops called Knots of Thought and Movements of Thought.

These sessions are part of an ongoing practice that continually re-enters collectivity at the thresholds of becoming. We've been questioning our tendencies to plan in advance. We've tried to move away from the pre-choreographed so we can learn to tend to what’s immanent in the process, to what’s happening as it’s happening. If we don't pre-program we are left with a kind of unknown terrain that detonates an acceleration to attend, putting us all in-relation-with an on-going process which emerges in the doing, and merges with making. Perhaps the workshop will start to care for the accidents, the eventfullness of failures, and for what is ‘working’ in the work. A close up How it works: the event generates knots big enough to weave in multiple emerging movements - in the act of becoming words, text, sound, and dance, and for material objects to transmute into choreographed sculptures, meals in the making, or into places to rest and spaces to inhabit. When it works: the event generates movements that socialize distance, inviting durations long enough to resound with disorganized harmonies across relational fields.As part of the workshop we will be warping and wefting threads from the text Thought in the Act with which we will explore the potentiality of ‘worlding’.

Ramona Benveniste is an artist working across performance, architecture, visual art and social and community dialogue and engagement. She is based in Montreal and works with Senselab (See: ). Ramona and other visiting Senselab members will engage postgraduate students with a range of experimental techniques designed to activate and engage participatory and research-creation processes.


Level 4, Postgraduate Lounge, F Block
UNSW Art & Design
Cnr of Oxford Street and Greens Road Paddington NSW 2021


Ramona Benveniste