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Liquid Architecture Sydney

Eric Demetriou, Bunghole, Victorian College of the Arts, 2014

Liquid Architecture Sydney

Event dates

Saturday, 4 October, 2014 to Sunday, 5 October, 2014


4 October 2014 - 4:00pm

Event times

4 Oct 2014 4:00-8:00 pm 5 Oct 2014 4:00-8:00pm

Research areas

Liquid Architecture Sydney will bring together leading contemporary practitioners working to explore acts of speaking, listening and sounding. Language as a system (social, textual, material), may be disrupted, re-read, re-heard and potentially re-thought, is the central interest for many of these investigations. The artists ‘sound’ questions — philosophical, political, aesthetic — about music and experiment; about art and the art market; legacy and friendship; and the conditions under which these are made possible. In addition to this, we will be periodically imploding a set of oil drums in the COFA courtyard.  

This sound festival, is in its 15th year, is running in different cities – Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Singapore featuring work across a range of disciplines. The 15th Liquid Architecture also celebrates a new partnership with UNSW Art & Design and NIEA, a collaboration led by Dr Caleb Kelly.

The program in Sydney also features a lecture by Professor Douglas Kahn (NIEA), a leading authority on Sound Art and a reading performance with Dr Astrid Lorange (NIEA).

Other key partners include the National Gallery of Victoria, Institute of Modern Art Brisbane, Perth Institute of Contemporary Art, Gertrude Contemporary, West Space, ABC Radio National and Federation Square.


PROGRAM at UNSW Art & Design

4 Oct 2014, 4-8pm

EG02 Lecture Theatre
Douglas Kahn on The Ear is a Brain
Alessandro Bosetti demonstrates Mask Mirror

Eric Demetriou unleashes Bunghole
Alessandro Bosetti screens Acqua Sfocata, Utilia del Fuoco Ed Altre Risposte Concentriche
Hard Hat issue Stench of Caution

UNSW Galleries
ID M Theft Able inquires Who’s That Beautiful Cashier?
Matthew Hopkins performs Spins, Groans, Tones (for Coins, Voice, Feedback and Tapes)

5 Oct 2014, 4-8pm

EG02 Lecture Theatre
Ur 1st Luv offer A Sound Investment
Emile Zile performs Screened

Eric Demetriou regrets unleashing Bunghole
Makiko Yamamoto in collaboration with Astrid Lorange

UNSW Galleries
Hong-Kai Wang instigates Conceptual Biography of Chris Mann
Jim Denley and Amanda Stewart make The Noise of Exchange


UNSW Art & Design
Cnr of Greens Road & Oxford Street
Paddington NSW 2021


Dr Caleb Kelly
Prof Douglas Kahn
Dr Astrid Lorange