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Fake News From The Art and Politics Bureau: A One Day Event

Fake News From The Art and Politics Bureau: A One Day Event

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Friday, 9 June, 2017

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FREE, REGISTER to attend 

While journalists, scientists, and denouncers of postmodernism may all rue the contemporary politics of a ‘post-truth’ world, artists might find something refreshing in the recent ‘return of the fake’. Art, after all, relies upon semblance, if nothing else, and many contemporary artists participate in and generate work that is hyperstitial: The Yes Men, Pierre Huyghe, The Museum of Jurassic Technology, AUDINT, and the list goes on.

But what would it mean for art and cultural theory to take on a fake politics? Could or should this be distinguished from ‘genuine’ political art? Do we need new forms of fake activism to counter, subvert and critically analyse the alt-right? What does a critically engaged fake art and politics feel like? And how, when practicing fake tactics, do we simultaneously analyse and artistically address new sets of post-truth realities such as: the complete implosion of governance and financial interest groups; the automated production of the real via algorithmic means; the retreat of (old) media into fact-checking services and the advance of social media into conspiracy theory?

This one-day event is hosted by the Art and Politics Bureau part of the Contemporary Culture Art and Politics research group, National Institute for Experimental Arts, UNSW. 

The event will begin to address the complexity of the current fabrication of the fake via performances, temporary installations, talks, panels, and orchestrated conversations that tend to the art and politics of the contemporary economy, art and culture of fake.

Keynote Speaker: Prof. Ned Rossiter, Institute for Culture and Society, University of Western Sydney. Also features Professor Douglas Kahn, a performance by Chun Yin Rainbow Chan and an installation by Fernando do Campo.

Keynote Speaker Biography
Ned Rossiter is a media theorist noted for his research on network cultures, the politics of cultural labour, logistical media and data politics. Rossiter was appointed to Western Sydney University as Professor of Communication in 2011 and is currently a Fellow at the Institute for Culture and Society with a joint position in the School of Humanities and Communication Art. Rossiter is the author of Organized Networks: Media Theory, Creative Labour, New institutions (2006) and Software, Infrastructure, Labor: A Media Theory of Logistical Nightmares (2016).

(For further inquiries, contact Prof. Anna Munster,


10:00AM–11:00AM: Keynote Address – Black Box
Professor Ned Rossiter, Paranoia is Real: Algorithmic Governance
                                   and the Shadow of Control

10:00AM–5:30PM: Installation – Black Box
                                Fernando do Campo: The history of house sparrows in Northern America,
                                painting, labels, table and manifesto, 2015-ongoing

11:15AM–11:45PM: Presentation ­– Black Box
                                 Simon Hunt: Killer Queens and King Hits

11:45AM–12:15PM: 7-Min Presentation Session #1 – Black Box
                                  Dr Michael Richardson: Witnessing What Did Not Take Place:
                                  Affective Realities and ‘Fake News’

                                  Dr Tim Gregory: The role of the fake male cum shot in a settler-colony

                                  Tom Retter: The “Grass Mud Horse” and Other Dangerous Beasts –
                                  An Introduction to the Political Struggle for the Written Character in
                                  21st Century China

12:30PM–1:00PM: Tasting Simulacra: Touring A Working Model of the World – UNSW Galleries
                                Dr Lindsay Kelley and Dr Lizzie Muller

  1:00PM–2:00PM: Lunch Break* 

  2:00PM–3:30PM: 20-Minute Paper Presentations ­– Black Box

                                Andrew Brooks: Networked Gossip

                                Professor Douglas Kahn: The Pre-Post-Truth of Swiftboating the
                                Absence of Dismembered Bodies

                                Dr Astrid Lorange: Poetry is fake news that stays true

  3:30PM–3:45PM: Break*

  3:45PM–4:30PM: 7-Min Presentation Session #2 – Black Box
                                Dr Lone Bertelsen, Professor Anna Munster, Dr Sam Spurr:
                                Affective Facts

  4:30PM–5:15PM: Symposium wrap up: conversation about the day**
                                Chaired by Uros Cvoro

  5:30PM–6:00PM: Performance – Postgraduate Commons, F Block Level 4
                               Chun Yin Rainbow Chan: Ode to Doctored Dumplings

  6:00PM-7:00PM: Drinks 

(Please note:
*refreshments are not provided for lunch or tea. Post event drinks will be provided). 
** late change to the program - 4.30pm slot which varies from the printed and online PDF )


The Black Box, D Block
UNSW Art & Design
Cnr of Greens Road and Oxford Street 
Paddington NSW 2021


Professor Ned Rossiter
Professor Anna Munster