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BOOK LAUNCH: Paul Thomas and Sean Cubitt (eds.) "Relive: Media Art Histories"

BOOK LAUNCH: Paul Thomas and Sean Cubitt (eds.) "Relive: Media Art Histories"

Event dates

Wednesday, 13 November, 2013


13 November 2013 -
6:00pm to 8:00pm

Authors: Sean Cubitt and Paul Thomas, MIT Press, 2013
In Relive, leading historians of the media arts grapple with this dilemma: how can we speak of “new media” and at the same time write the histories of these arts? These scholars and practitioners redefine the nature of the field, focusing on the materials of history—the materials through which the past is mediated. Drawing on the tools of media archaeology and the history and philosophy of media, they propose a new materialist media art history.The contributors consider the idea of history and the artwork’s moment in time; the intersection of geography and history in regional practice, illustrated by examples from eastern Europe, Australia, and New Zealand; the contradictory scales of evolution, life cycles, and bodily rhythms in bio art; and the history of the future—how the future has been imagined, planned for, and established as a vector throughout the history of new media arts.These essays, written from widely diverse critical perspectives, capture a dynamic field at a moment of productive ferment.


Galleries, COFA, UNSW


Dr Paul Thomas, Associate Professor, COFA

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